50 Throws & Holds

Get your step by step, fully illustrated guide to 50 judo throws and hold downs. Koka Kids "Fifty Throws & Holds" is a 100 page book that covers the complete Gokyo, plus ten hold downs. Designed by judo world champion, Nicola Fairbrother (7th Dan) to help junior judoka learn judo. 

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£5.00 each book (plus £9.99 P&P) Minimum Order of ten copies per club.


£50.00 for TEN COPIES (plus £30.00 P&P)

Watch our short video to see what is in this book and how it will help juniors learn and remember judo techniques and their names. 


How to improve your judo

The more techniques you to master = the more options you have to throw. Improve your judo quickly by learning a larger range of throws and you will be able to throw in many directions and against judoka bigger and stronger than yourself.

Learn Each Throw

The book covers 40 judo throws (the complete Gokyo). Plus there are 10 groundwork hold downs and drills.

Understand Stages 

A judo technique goes through various stages. We illustrate each step so it is easy to visualise and follow.

Remember Names 

Each judo technique has a Japanese name to learn. This book makes learning fun and faster.

Build Skills 

Chart progress by filling out the tick charts at the start of the book. Build your range of throws.

Who designs Koka Kids?

Nicola Fairbrother, the creator of the Koka Kids range of products and well known in the world of judo. In 1992 Nik won the Olympic Silver medal, a year later she became the lightweight world champion. Nik now works with judo coaches to help them promote and teach junior judo.

Contact Nicola Fairbrother, 7th Dan MBE

A fantastic resource!

“Koka Kids has proved a fantastic resource within both my club and school judo lessons. When I asked a 5 year old to demo Yamarashi and he asks “which one? The standard grip or Illiadis one?” Then, I know Koka Kids has done a good job! 

Mark Fricker, 6th Dan, Pinewood Judo Club


"50 Throws & Holds" will soon be available for parents to buy single copies

If you are a parent looking to buy a single copy of the book for your favourite judoka, then please return soon for more info.