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2018 Judo Dojo Banners

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Roll up Roll up! It’s the judo banner launch.

Today, Monday 29th January, we launch our 2018 roll-up Dojo Banners.

See the promo video here.

I’ve added in some new designs this year.

Firstly, there are 6 new designs aimed to help coaches market their judo club. These are the sort of banners you see outside most events, and they are there for a good reason, catching the eye of the passerby.



Just enough information, so that passerby looks up your club website, or maybe steps inside the door to ask you how their child can join the next class.

That is the idea behind these six promotional banners (and thanks for everyone on the Judo Underground Facebook post who helped whittle down the wording and look of these)


Dojo Marketing


Last year, the best-seller of all the designs by a long shot was the banner that showed the Judo’s Moral Code. So, that is here again in our 2018 print run. And developing the idea of improving behaviour in the dojo, I have added a new banner showing some typical Dojo Rules.

The etiquette of the judo dojo is perhaps what sets judo apart from many sports and these two banners are useful reminders to have around your dojo, letting your kids know how they should behave both on and off the mat.

judo club behaviour


moral judo code


But of course, at the heart of any judo club is … judo! Learning to throw, remembering the techniques and over time perfecting the movement – that is what most sessions are based around.  Our technique banners contain over one hundred images to help you teach judo.

Following on from the popular downloadable Top Ten Throws and Advanced Judo resource – these banners show ten throws, step-by-step and then twenty combinations around those ten throws!

Coaches tell me they use these banners actually bringing them onto the judo mat. They point to the technique and get the kids out to demonstrate the chosen judo move.

Or, they reverse it and get the judoka to point to the banner and name the different throws.

I guess you will come up with new ideas on how to use them, too. There are four technical banners:  yellow (Top Ten Throws) and blue (Twenty Advanced Combinations)

judo throws


The fact that these banners are up in dojos around the UK, having a real positive effect has made my day and I hope to continue to produce these on a yearly basis.

I only do one banner print run a year, due to time or basically lack of it.

So, this is the 2018 Banner Launch, and this is the 2018 offer, I hope you like it – and are able to get some judo banners for your club.

Do contact me, Nik Fairbrother to start your order.



This offer is open for one week only.

Closes midnight Friday 2nd February 2018

UK ONLY, sorry.

Cost Per Banner – £99 plus Vat

Cost For Three Banners – £247.00 plus Vat
(saves you £50.00)

Cost For Six Banners – £499.00 plus Vat
(saves you £95.00)

Yep, free. Your club website and your club logo onto the banners for free. So brand away!


Order by emailing me, Nik Fairbrother. 

Be Santa at Your Dojo

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A Club Subscription – could be a great gift for your judoka!


It’s not too late to get the Christmas Edition of the Koka Kids Judo Magazine ordered for ALL your club members! Give it out at your Christmas party, on the last session of this term – and keep their interest in judo going.


Order for Christmas now


6 Easy Ways You Could Use Koka Kids at YOUR Dojo and Keep Judoka Interested in Judo!


1 – Laminate the judo technique pages, have the kids point to the throws, name the judo techniques or demonstrate the throw.


2 – Use the drills in the magazine to give you some new ideas on how to teach a technique. In the Christmas edition there are 8 drills to help practise Ippon Seoi-Nage and Tate Shiho-Gatame and Mae-Ukemi.


3 – Give the magazine as a prize to reward outstanding effort or attendance.


4 – Publish a club advert inside the magazine letting your members know about camps and classes that are coming up.


5 – Inspire your judoka. Let them read about famous players and understand that they are part of a wider judo world. In the Christmas edition we interview World Number 1, Natalie Powell. There is a poster of Natalie for the juniors to keep.


6 – Keep some copies in your club to give out to new children or at taster sessions, it helps to break down nervous barriers as they come into the club for the first time.


7 – Print up the certifcates and posters


So, how to Subscribe?

See the rates here at the Koka Kids. If you need more than 100 copies get in touch for a discounted rate.

Then it’s easy. You sit back, and every term we will send your magazines to your doorstep, for you to hand out to your judoka just like Santa.



Become a JudoInside hero

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You can become a JudoInside hero

A guest post written by Hans Van Essen, the mastermind behind JudoInside.com

As a young athlete you have set your ambitions, the end of the line is the Olympic title. One of the things is judo is to become Olympic Champion as a person. However the values of judo come along with your own milestones. You want to become a champion, or at least win a medal. That may give you access to another milestone: have your name in JudoInside.com

JudoInside provides you all the information of your Judo heroes. Look up what achievements Nicola Fairbrother had during her career, how triple Olympic champion Tadahiro Nomura peaked, or stylist Shohei Ono. All your judo heroes are in this online database.

Not just the current heroes, but the ones from the past. Heroes that you may have not heard of, they were the Ono’s, Basile’s and Riner’s of the past.

Use JudoInside to analyse the heroes, become one yourself. Become part of judo history and learn from the heroes of the past.

Judo ambassador, Olympic champion and triple world champion Ilias Iliadis said: “We are all human, we all have our technique, our ambitions, but dare to dream big. In Judo it’s all possible.”

Discover the opportunity and dare to dream big. Your next medal starts with JudoInside.com



Kesa Gatame – certificate

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Here is another of our great Dojo Drills – this one is to help you improve groundwork judo.

Coaches – you can use this free download of the Kesa Gatame certificate and give this to your judoka once they have mastered freeing their leg and applying the osae-komi.

Want to download more digital resources to help children learn judo? Take a look at Top Ten Throws (for beginners to intermediates) and Advanced Judo (for err… well advanced judoka)


Judo Kids reading favourite magazine!

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Some of your favourite pages inside this judo mag!

Congrats to Koka Kids reader, Aidan who won the star prize this Koka Kids Judo Hoody in our regular Snap a Selfie Competition.

To enter this prize competition – judoka need to take a photo of themselves with their favourite page of the Koka Kids magazine.

To enter the next prize draw, email your photo and tell us why you like that particular page.

Here were some of the best entries:

Dare to download Blushido

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Yeah, you make your own luck we know but a bit of extra has never done any harm. So, download this e-card and send it to a judo friend (only nice ones though)

Click on the image and use the buttons at the bottom to share or download.



Ultra-Warm Judo Hoody

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Buy the hoody from our shop – available in grey, too!

Kids Judo Fun Colour In

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Download Uchi Banani and add some different facial expressions. If you like this cheeky judo monkey you can get a t-shirt of him to wear to your dojo.

To download, double click the image below then use the buttons on the bottom.

Read the Sally Conway Interview

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From issue 48 of Koka Kids, here is the full six page interview with Sally Conway for you to read online. Read Sally’s fight-by-fight account of winning an Olympic Bronze medal, and see how she escaped from being held down  to turn the tables and hold the French double world champion, Emane for ippon.

Subscribe your club to this magazine here.



Next Issue

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Next Issue: Out in February 2017

Get Copies for your club: Subscribe now!

Autumn edition – OUT NEXT WEEK!

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Subscribe your members to the Koka Kids Junior Judo magazine. This is a 40 page Junior Judo magazine, created, designed and edited by world judo champion Nicola Fairbrother, 7th Dan. Choose how many copies you need for your club, then sit back. Your magazines will arrive each term for you to hand out to your judoka. This is the leading junior judo magazine in the world today and you can see how judo coaches use this junior judo magazine to keep their judoka engaged, motivated and inspired.


Get 5 Free Osoto Gari Resources

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osoto gari

5 Resources & Drills to help judo coaches teach Osoto Gari.

Free – just sign up.

Read more