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10 Judo Drills to Make Your Judoka Move

Judo Drills: To Make Your Judoka Move 

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Below, are useful judo drills that you can use at your dojo. Do take a look at our Top Ten and Advanced Judo coaching resources which go with these drills.


See how Miles Sayer of Ramsgate Judo Club has used these judo games with his judoka receiving certificates after a fun judo work out.


10 Drills to get movement. 



Our number one drill for creating movement is Kakari-Geiko.

Moving in all directions, all over the mat focus on one techique or a combination of techniques.

Tori should help uke providing situations and allowing uke to turn in.


judo drill



The aim is to move from one ashi-waza to the next, making uke react to each one, but without throwing.

Try this circle.

Start with an ouchi-gari, as uke steps off, follow up with a kouchi-gari, then into osoto-gari. As uke evades the osoto-gari follow up with a de-ashi barai.

Then, the circle can begin again.

How many times can your judoka do the full circle in one minute?


judo drill



Judo drills can be used to speed up the entry and improve timing of the judo throw.

Uke does a forward roll.

Tori needs to anticipate the movement and as uke stands up, grip and turn in for a morote seoi-nage.

This drill works well with most forward throws.


judo drill



A harder version of the previous drill.

This time uke does a cartwheel. Tori must anticipate the movement (and keep their distance) and once the cartwheel has finished move in to take a grip and attack or throw with harai-goshi.

The idea is the cartwheel creates the circular movement needed for throws like harai-goshi and osoto-gari.

judo drill



A great drill to help judoka improve falling and rolling skills and to build up towards sutemi-waza.

Uke and Tori hold each others ankles. It is then up to tori to do a forward roll. As they roll, uke will stand up.

The pair can continue the roll down the length of the mat.


judo drill


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